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Southern States S.H.O.W Program
Proof of Purchase Seals

The Gingersnap Girls Foundation is so pleased to be a part of the Southern States S.H.O.W. (Special Horse Organization Winner's) Program, which is a unique opportunity for non-profit horse associations in Southern States market territories to earn financial sponsorship for special events. All funds distributed by Southern States through this program must be used solely for the betterment of the horse industry.

You can help the Gingersnap Girls Foundation by collecting proof of purchase seals from eligible bags of Triple Crown, Reliance, and Legends horse feeds. When you turn these seals into the Foundation, we in turn will send them to our contact at Southern States and be awarded twenty five (25) cents for every seal, except Reliance seals which will be worth ten cents! The Foundation can also benefit from your bulk bin deliveries of Southern States pelleted horse feed. For every original invoice sent to the Foundation, we will receive $10 per delivery ton, except on Reliance feed for which we will receive $4.00.

For all of you horse owners/managers/trainers who don't have time to volunteer, this is a WONDERFUL way to help the Gingersnap Girls. It is also a wonderful way for riding groups, riding instructors, etc., to help out.

PLEASE, before you toss out that bag of Southern States feed, take a few seconds to cut off the proof-of- purchase seal and mail it to The Gingersnap Girls Foundation, 101 Ivandale Road, Hamilton, VA 20158 - and know that you are doing your part to end equine - and all animal - abuse!

PLEASE NOTE: The Gingersnap Girls Foundation is able to pick up your donations of seals (within a reasonable proximity). Also, if you don't have the time to cut out the seals, our volunteers will be happy to pick up your empty bags and we will cut out the seals ourselves. Any way you can help us is greatly appreciated!


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