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Success Stories

Proud to Have Found Homes for
Over 20 Horses in Less than Two Years!

The Gingersnap Girls Foundation, though small, is mighty! After receiving our non-profit status from the IRS in June 2005, we have taken in, treated, loved over 20 horses who would have otherwise met neglectful, abusive, and inhumane ends. We wish that we had the resources to take in all needy equines but, as so often is the case, the bottom line is lack of funds. To that end, we continue to raise money as we raise awareness for these poor souls who just want the basics - food, love, and good care.

We are pleased that we have been able to network with other groups and individuals and have assisted in placing many horses from their home situations directly into their forever, loving home. This networking allows us to help in need equines without having to expend all of our much needed resources.

The year 2007 has been a busy one for us already and we receive calls regarding in need horses, ponies, donkeys every week. In order for us to continue to help them to reach their forever home, we need to continue trying to raise additional funds and awareness.
Please help us if you can. Together we can make 2007 and future years, our best ones yet!

Prince (P.C.)
* Adoption Finalized! *

and is in his new home!

PC is celebrating Christmas with his new family, Amanda & Kerry Dukinfield, and his new pasturemate, Logan.



Annie and Cordelia have found their forever home!

As you can see, they are best buds - so they wanted to be adopted together.

Both donkeys are fully vetted and in good health.

Annie is the standard - cream and tan Cordelia - is the mini gray.


L'il Scout and Maria

This Icelandic Pony came to us sick and thin (from a pony ride company) was adopted by Maria


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