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Our Mission

The Gingersnap Girls Equine Education and Rescue Foundation was founded in 2004 becoming a 501 (c) (3) organization classified with the IRS as a public charity in 2005.

We were founded in honor and memory of three mares, Calypso, Flag, and Chrissy who were each saved from the slaughter truck and who each had an abiding and overwhelming love of gingersnaps!

The mission and purposes of the Gingersnap Girls Foundation are threefold:

1) to raise funds in order to assist equine shelters, so that they may continue basic rescuing, sheltering, and adopting out of equines that may otherwise have lived lives of abuse or may have been slaughterbound (the majority of the funds raised for these shelters are earmarked for medical care);

2) to raise awareness through education of the general public (not just horsepersons) to the plight of slaughterbound equines, in addition to all equine abuse and neglect, and,

3) to raise funds toward the goal of having a small equine shelter and educational facility under the name of The Gingersnap Girls Foundation.

As previously stated one of our missions is to educate the general public regarding equine abuses. Top on our list is the horrific conditions suffered by slaughterbound equines, both aboard the "killer" truck and upon arrival at the slaughterhouse. As well over 4 million American horses (and counting) have been slaughtered in the US and Canada since 1981, with the meat exported to Europe and Japan for human consumption, we feel that this education is a most pressing concern.

Among our immediate plans are:

- Networking with other humane organizations throughout the United States to assist with equine placements. When a "guardian" finds himself or herself unable to care for/afford their equine companion, we are striving to assist them in placing them into approved, caring homes. So many people believe that the "livestock sale" is the only answer - we are trying to educate as to what, quite frequently, may happen to their companion. The Gingersnap Girls Foundation is about finding alternatives for these "at risk" horses.

- The Gingersnap Girls Foundation has been working on a particularly important project this past year. We are seeking individuals who may have an empty stall in their barn, or a field with a run in shed to be used in case of emergency shelter for in need equines. These Safe Haven stalls/fields would be used for a minimum of two weeks to shelter an equine that is in immediate need.

We have found "foster parents" who are willing to give of their time and money to feed, and oft times give medical care for their foster horse. We have had instances that a Safe Haven stall was available, but The Gingersnap Girls Foundation must pay all costs, so we are always seeking financial support.

- The Gingersnap Girls Foundation is also serving as "a number to call with any equine concern." For example, we were contacted a couple of weeks ago by a local veterinarian who had just euthanized a horse who had become acutely ill. His "guardian" had another horse and decided that she did not want to keep this other horse.
The Gingersnap Girls Foundation was there for this "guardian" and sought out another home for this unwanted equine.

The Gingersnap Girls Foundation was also contacted regarding an aged Thoroughbred broodmare who could no longer be bred. Her "guardian" was an elderly woman who could no longer afford to keep her if she was not breeding her. She was going to take her to a livestock sale. This broodmare, though in good health, was 21 years old, debilitated from having three foals in three years, and had a past leg injury requiring care. Had this horse gone to a livestock sale, it is most probable that she would have been immediately bought by "killer" buyers and suffered that last ride to the slaughter house.

- The Gingersnap Girls Foundation will always strive to end all horse slaughter. Horse slaughter is an American disgrace and must be ended. In the meantime, we are seeking more humane means of transporting these horses to the slaughterhouse and much more
humane handling at the slaughterhouse itself. This must be ended!

The Gingersnap Girls Foundation attends many local events, setting up our booth with many equine educational materials, photos, and "how you can help" information. We appeal to everyone, not just "horse people." We make ourselves very accessible and available, so that everyone can learn - even those who have never touched a horse.

Our foundation was started because the need was great for equine education for the general public. So many people feel that if they are not horse people, they cannot get involved. We are striving to let everyone know that that is not true. If anyone of us turns our head on abuse of any kind, to any animal or any person, we are condoning what is going on. To make the abuse stop, we must speak up. To do this, is by education and knowledge.

Thank you for this opportunity to share our wonderful organization with you.

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