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Our Mascot; L'il Chief

In August 2006, the Gingersnap Girls Foundation was blessed by the addition of L'il Chief, a geriatric, "cute as a button", pinto pony. He made his way to us through a concerned and wonderful young girl who wanted a better life for this elderly, sick pony who had spent his life giving pony rides for a children's amusement company. Chief, no longer able to "work", was in the process of being "fattened up" so that his "owner" could take him to a livestock sale where he would have been sold into slaughter. He came to us extremely thin, with a blind, infected eye and anemia. After much TLC - including something as simple as FOOD - he had surgery to remove his infected eye. The vets determined that the chronic infection contributed to his anemia.

We have been faced with monumental medical bills on this little fellow and thank those that have come forward to help, specifically a very generous donation that came from Heather and George Humphries on the very day we found out Chief was to have surgery.

We're happy to say this wonderful little pony has recovered completely and seems happy to be our new ambassador. Please look for L'il Chief at upcoming local events. And, watch for news of his new Q & A column in our newsletters!

By the way, Chief wants us to let you know that he is available for nursing home and school visits. He has also graciously agreed to picture taking sessions for a small, tax-deductible fee to help out all of the horses and ponies!

L'il Chief Our Mascot

Here he is upon arrival at the foundation in August '06. He was sick (anemia and infected eye) and was very thin.

After Eye Surgery

L'il Chief's right eye had to be removed. The eye was blind and infected, contributing to his anemia.

After Eye Surgery

August 2006 - what a great patient!

L'il Chief

Here he is 2 months after arriving at the foundation. He's healthy, happy and full of himself! He's now a permanent resident.

Hard at Work

Here is L'il Chief, representing all of his fellow Gingersnap members - who wait behind the scenes, hoping for adoption or sponsorship.


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